June 24, 2013

June 2013 Book Recommendations

This is my summer of reading. I L♥VE books and this month I'm devouring as many as I can get my hands on.  This past week I've read the three shown above.

The Glass Castle - 4 stars
A courageous and true to life memoir of  Jeannette Walls.  I found the book both enlightening and disturbing and at times extremely painful to read.  I knew a family like this years ago and I tried to help them but in my limited experience I realized that adults with mental illness and addiction problems that are not willing to help themselves, can't be helped, and unfortunately their children suffer immeasurably.  It's a story of perseverance and unlikely love I highly recommend this book to everyone.

Secret Daughter - 4.5 stars
! I chose this book for our July Book Club and I'm glad I did. I Loved this book! It is a deeply touching fictional story of two mothers, Somer - a San Francisco physician who is unable to have children, and Kavita - a poor mother from India who makes the heartbreaking choice to save her daughter by giving her away to the orphanage, and how their lives are tied together by their daughter, Asha.  "Compulsively readable and deeply touching, Secret Daughter is a story of the unforeseen ways in which our choices and families affect our lives, and the indelible power of love in all its many forms"

Half Broke Horses - 3.5 stars
I recommend you read this book before you read The Glass Castle.  Jeanette Walls wrote this "true novel" about her maternal grandmother Lily Casey Smith.  It's an entertaining read and clearly Jeannette Walls inherited her best traits from her grandmother.