July 14, 2009

DayTrip to Sonoma Wine Country - Shopping

Like I've said all along, Sonoma is gorgeous. Check out that olive tree.

It's also an adventure. There's a little store on Sonoma Highway that sells scooters. I hope they rent them too.

Because next time I'm in Sonoma, I'm going to tour downtown on this cute orange scooter. There's even a trunk!! LOVE it! Mr. CHiPy prefers the red one pictured in the back. He's not much into pastels.

But, seriously, part of the adventure of going to Sonoma is stopping at little community farm stands along the way. Just look for the signs.

How about brown cage free eggs - I just love the colors.

The lavender was heavenly. Just look at these little bunches of joy.

And HUGE Meyer lemons...I purchased 3 so that I could make Ina's Lemon Bars when I got home to share with friends. I'll call them "Sonoma Lemon Bars".

The downtown marketplace has charming stores like this one.

I spotted this section right away and purchased the yellow lemon squeezer to squeeze juice from those HUGE Meyer lemons from the farm stand.

See how well they go together.

There are charming stores everywhere.

Like Tiddle E. Winks - so cute!

and so vintage...(click on pictures to enlarge)

Mr. CHiPy purchased the Nostalgia gum - Beemans, Black Jack and Clove. He said just smelling the packages takes him back to his childhood.
And we both had a good laugh over these...

Extra cooling mints...I like that!

Stay tuned for Part IV - Good Food.