July 13, 2009

Daytrip to Sonoma Wine Country - The Ledson

When we came to this location, I almost lost my breath. I thought I was in Europe. Can you just stand the beauty?

It's called Ledson Winery & Vineyards. Absolutely breathtaking!

The roses smelled heavenly.

I love the front doors - very gothic.

Inside to the right are the wine tasting rooms. To the left is the marketplace. We went left.

Check out the lavender spa products for sell. Mmmmm. Smells so good.

This Lemon Verbana bar was heavenly. It's from the Napa Soap Company

And would you check out the assortment of fresh baguettes and cheeses for sale! They also have wonderful sandwiches and salads.

Lots of samples to try. As the sign says, the pickled garlic was SPICY! I had to laugh because it made Mr. CHiPy sweat bullets!

This little goodie below was delicious! It's the Chipotle Raspberry Finishing Sauce and Marinade made at Ledson.

It was so good in fact that that it came home with us in a cute little bag.

Ready to be devoured!

Mr. CHiPy says I'm never in any of the pictures. So here you go. Here I am in front of the The Ledson - Not another person in site.

And here's Mr. CHiPy. He agreed to pose for a picture against more of the lovely green ivy. And he didn't mind at all...{he makes my heart flutter}.
Stay tuned for Part III - Shopping