August 5, 2009

Mac 'n Cheese - Grandma Langston Style

Peggy, Mom, Sue & Phyllis at Grandma & Grandpa Langston's graveside

While in Alabama, one of the things we did was visit the gravesite of my Grandma and Grandpa Langston. When we got home later in the afternoon my aunt Peggy was asking everyone what we wanted to eat for lunch and in almost harmony my sweet mama and my aunt Sue and aunt Phyllis said, "Mama's Mac 'n Cheese". I'd never had my Grandma Langston's Mac 'n Cheese and I wanted to learn how to make it. My aunt Phyllis said, "Oh Honey, it's really easy...4-4-4-4".

(In honor of Grandpa Langston, we ate our Mac 'n Cheese with a side of tomatoes and peppers)

You have to try this recipe. Talk about comfort food!

When I made this recipe today, I only had medium shell pasta so that's what I used. Also, during the last 3 minutes of boiling the pasta, I added 1 cup of peas. I also used 3 cups mild cheddar and 1 cup Velveeta for extra creaminess. I didn't think Grandma would mind!
Grandma Langston's Mac 'n Cheese
4 cups cooked macaroni
4 eggs
4 cups whole milk
4 cups cheese

Cook macaroni, drain. Whip eggs and add milk and cheese. Add to macaroni and place in buttered 9"x13" baking dish. Mixture will be thin, but don't worry it will thicken as it bakes.
Bake at 350* for 20 minutes.