August 3, 2009

Antique Toleware Tray STEAL!

One phone call from my vacation in Alabama to Mr. CHiPy in Sacramento was all it took and this little STEAL of a deal was to be mine! He promised to take me to my favorite thrift store straight from the airport.

And he did.

And we went.

And it was still there....right where I had hidden it...(just kidding!)

And I didn't have to pay $325 either like other similar antique toleware trays are going for. And not $20 as originally priced. I paid only $15 because I received a 25% discount for spending $20.

Here's my lovely...

It measures 16"x22" and has a gorgeous raised gallery rim in a cut out eyelet design. The hand painted floral center shows pink, coral, lavender, yellow and baby blue cabbage roses and rosebuds. The four corners have gold flourishes and latticework. The condition is vintage good with some spots of usage wear.

Isn't it charming?