November 19, 2009

Another Successful Trip to Target

I don't buy just anything when I have a coupon because I think it's just a waste of money. But Target has fantastic holiday sales going on right now and Mr. CHiPy and I are entertaining a lot starting on Friday.'s back to Target for more holiday deals. This time I had more manufacturer's coupons and I stacked these with the store coupons from Target for extra savings.

See the little Mr. Potato Head in the Santa outfit. He was priced at $5.99 but with my coupon he was only $.99. He's going in my "grandma's toy stash". The crackers and cereal were all less than $1 each. Lot's of really great deals. I purchased 42 items and my total was....

...$38.76 after coupons. That is less than shopping at The Dollar Store! These are all products I will use for my holiday cooking and entertaining this season.

I saved $53.57!