November 15, 2009

Tallness...It's in the Genes

I was reading Richella's post at Imparting Grace about her growing 16 year old son's room redo and I was reminded of my own Little man.

Here he is...aah!

Little man has outgrown his twin bunk beds. At 12 years old he's close to 6 ft. tall already and his legs buckle at the end of his bed (though he's still as tender and sweet as ever. Just check out his teddy bear in his back pack!!)

He reminds me of my brothers. I have 9 of them and they are BIG boys (and yes, I am the ONLY sister). I'm 6 ft. tall and around my "normal" sized friends I'm considered an amazon. So when you look at these pictures you'll get an idea at how BIG my brothers really are.

Here I am with my baby brother...

He's 6'9 and yes, he plays basketball.

And then there's my 3rd oldest brother...

He's 6'7" and should've been a linebacker but chose to be a discus/shot putter instead.

And here's a picture of me and all of my brothers taken for our parents 50th Wedding Anniversary in 2008 - we range from 6'0" to 6'10"...

WOW! Look at us. You get all of us in a room together and let me tell you, WE make a statement.

Now...what to do about Little man. He's going to be a very BIG boy.

He can't help's in his genes.