November 14, 2009

Starbucks' Caramel Apple Cider Recipe

Thanks to Mr. CHiPy, my all time favorite autumn drink has got to be Starbucks' Caramel Apple Cider. At approximately $3.50+ though, it can be a bit expensive. So what's a girl to do? Well, I've been searching numerous sites and reading the comments posted by Starbucks' baristas, and I know I've got a keeper recipe with this one. It tastes exactly like the drink sold in the stores.

Start with the following:

Apple juice(NOT cider), cinnamon syrup, whipped cream and caramel topping.

Heat 8 oz apple juice. I use my Mr. Coffee Hot Chocolate maker (got it on Walmart 2 years ago and it's AWESOME).

Add 1 oz. cinnamon syrup...

Then heat it up. All I needed to do was set the can heat it in the microwave or in a pan on the stove. Whatever works for you.

Pourthe steaming juice into your mug...

add a dollop of whipped cream - I like the real stuff...

and top it off with your favorite caramel topping.

That's it. The cream helps to cool it down and it is soooo good.

It is wonderful for crisp fall days and harvest moon nights when your walking hand in hand with your sweetheart...or home alone by the fire.