January 19, 2010

Decluttering = CHAOS

Chaos reigns here this week.  It's been a real problem as we've been decluttering and rearranging rooms.

Now that Little-big girl is home, she will share a room with Sugar.  No problem except that Sugar's current room is too small for them both.  So Little-man will give up his masculine room for the girls and move into the, shall we say, less masculine room that was just redone in GORGEOUS tiffany blue with shabby chic accents and a canopy crown to boot! 

Yeah, he's not so thrilled.  But it did get better when we traded the pink dresser for the white dresser that's been in Indigo Girl's room, removed the canopy crown, and promised to turn his room into a man cave.  He's all good now.

This is the built in that once housed all of Little-man's stuff.  As he started moving his stuff he realized that it wasn't worth the effort to haul it 10 feet away to his new room.  Most of it was either donated or ended up in the trash.  Gotta love decluttering.

And then there's Mr. CHiPy.  He refused to have Little-man sleep in an iron bed made for a princess with a crown canopy hanging over it.  Even if it was only going to be for one night.  He's all about the man cave and all things guy related.  He's always looking out for Little-man.  Which is a really good thing now that the female count in this house just increased by one. 

Hopefully things will improve over the next couple of days.  I'll post updates as we make headway.