February 2, 2010

Bedroom Lamps - Makeover

I haven't forgotten about the living room/dining room update...it's just that I got a little distracted today.  You know how that goes.  Right?

So yesterday I mentioned that I sent some of my furniture away via Craigslist.  Well, at the very last second, I changed my mind about the lamps.  Well, they are my lamps, right?

So I set them aside because I had a little last minute thought that they might work with a different lamp shade in my bedroom.  The lamps belonged to Mr. CHiPy before we got married and they weren't my favorite and since I no longer needed the end tables, I thought that I didn't need the lamps either.

Wrong.  My bedroom nightstands needed them.

Here was a part of the original group on its way to another home...

BEFORE:  a close up of one of the lamps on my nightstand in front of a lovely window.
Nice, eh?  I think so.  But the lamp shades had to go.  I've seen lots of lampshade makeovers all over blogland recently and it gave me the courage to try a little burlap love.
Such a simple makeover and such a BIG improvement.  I love 'em.