September 10, 2010

Craisin Almond Scones

My kids devoured these for breakfast this morning. Devoured them.

Craisin Almond Scones
Yield:  8 Scones

2 cups flour
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1 Tbsp. baking powder (NOT baking soda!)
1/2 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup dried cranberry's (I used Crasins)
1 tsp. almond extract
1 cup heavy cream + 1-2 Tbsp. if needed

Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. Mix flour, sugar, baking powder and salt in bowl. Add dried cranberry's and mix well.  Blend in whipping cream and almond extract with a fork or spatula, adding 1-2 Tbsp. heavy cream, if necessary. Dough should be well incorporated but not wet. When mixed, turn out onto a floured surface and knead several times. Pat into a 10 inch diameter, and cut into triangles.  Sprinkle sliced almonds on top and lightly press into dough. Bake on an ungreased cookie sheet for 11-13 minutes.

Optional - Mix  together 1/2 cup powdered sugar, 1 tsp almond extract and 2 Tbsp. heavy cream.  Drizzle over warm scones.  Let set, eat and enjoy!