May 19, 2011

Sally's Bed and Breakfast

What vacation is ever complete without a trip to visit Sally's Bed and Breakfast.  Sally is the most amazing woman I know who has perfected the art of hospitality to a tee.

Pictured below is Sally.  She's my mom.  

HI MOM!  I miss you!!
Sally is the epitome of southern elegance and charm. Not only is she my mom and an amazing cook and gardener, she also has amazing taste in design and style as evidenced in my childhood home.  

Let's take a mini tour, shall we?

This entire curio cabinet is full of depression glass.  The bottom row is layered with cake plates that mom uses to display her many, many fine cakes that she makes for family birthday parties.
Mom's newest addition to her home is this large and comfortable chair
and this one as well...

This was dad's den and his office.  During our visits, we spend quite a bit of time in here just hanging out.
My childhood bedroom has been transformed into a shabby chic retreat.  I l♥ved this bedroom as a child and I enjoy it even more as an adult.
The last stop is in mom's living room. This is such a tranquil and peaceful place. Cozy is probably the best word to describe it.
Thanks for the tour mom!

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