February 27, 2012

Bedroom Inspiration and Decor finds

Allie and I spent the weekend looking for paint colors and shopping for bedroom decor based on the inspiration ideas we found online.  As I mentioned before, Allie and I hadn't yet decided on a paint color or decor for her room.   (I don't recommend you do that...especially with a 12 year old).  This will be the room she spends the next 5 years in, so the decor needs to be something that she will love.

We both liked these:

Pottery Barn Teen
Via Pinterest
Home depot was our first stop for paint samples.  We chose two and then went home and painted the samples on her bedroom walls.  After living with the colors for 24 hours, we agreed on Silver Chain by Benjamin Moore.  It's a gray color that shows off her decor choices of black zebra, pink polka dots, white duvet and white furniture pretty well - looks very close to the wall color in the photo above.
Paint color - Silver Chain by Benjamin Moore

We chose the Pintuck duvet and shams  by West Elm and lucked out by finding it at Home Goods for half the price!

Room Decor so far:
Pintuck duvet - by West Elm found at Home Goods
Zebra pillow and throw - Target 
Black/white polka dot pillow - Target 
Pink polka dot sheet set - Target 
White bedskirt - Target 
Pewter lamp with white shade - Home Goods

So far, so good.  Now it's time to paint.  Oh joy!