March 4, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Hi Alex!
Today is your 15th birthday 
March 4th
the perfect day for you to be born
I love how you play Rugby and that your number is "4" - Perfect
and hey, your team won today!

You are learning to be an AWESOME drummer in band
I'm still in awe that you will be taking all honors and AP courses next year.

You keep growing, and growing.
At 8th grade graduation you were 6'2" and 160 pounds.

Less than 1 year later and you are even bigger! - 6'4, 180 lbs - 

I'm glad you have really good friends who like to do "guy stuff" with you
like playing Xbox 360 and going airsofting
 I love that you think your sisters are "cool" and that you really care for them.
Happy Birthday weekend Alex!