March 5, 2012

Houston, we have a bed!

It's only semi-complete, but I couldn't wait to show the results so far.
I just love how it's turning out...soo cute!! 

Here's a little recap with links to past posts:  
The room has been primed
inspiration found and bed decor purchased
bunkbeds sold on
furniture purchased on (awaiting paint)
room re-painted
...and finally Jeff and I made a trip to costco for new full size mattress and box springs.

NOW we now have a semi-finished room.

Let's take a look at the before (in all fairness to Allie, this was after we had taken down the decor from the walls and thrown everything onto the bunkbeds)
And the semi-after:

I'm off to finish painting the rest of the bedroom furniture.  I'll post a complete reveal later.  It may take me a while.

See ya.