August 18, 2012

Last day of summer fun

Jeff and I spent Friday with 5 teenagers riding water slides. Are we crazy or what?  I was able to get tickets from our new school at the discounted price of $10.00 each.   Fantastic price considering daily prices are nearly $30 each.

I wish I had a water proof camera so I could have taken action shots on all the water rides.  Crazy fun and a few really good wipe outs for Jeff and me.

I have the huge, and I mean HUGE bruise on my rump from my best wipe out of the day.  The ride was really fun...the wipe out was not - (my 15 year old son said I looked HILARIOUS as a flew out the shoot of the ride all the way up the steps and on to the sidewalk only hit my rear on the edge of the pool and be dumped upside down onto the stairs IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!!!!!


Way to go mom!

I spent the rest of the afternoon recuperating in the wave pool, lazy river and parked on a lawn chair up on the grass watching everyone else.  No problem for me.  I love the sun!

Happy end of summer!