August 20, 2012

NEW school days

My two youngest start school today. A new public charter school. It's a conservative, traditional, preserving-our-history kind of school and Jeff and I couldn't be more pleased about it.

We live in California and there are not many public schools here that are conservative or traditional or that believe in restoring America's heritage.

We went to orientation on  Friday.

We pledged allegience.   The last time I pledged allegience to our flag at a public school was when I was in elementary school - more than 35 YEARS ago!!!

We listened to an AWESOME inspirational quote of the day.

Our national anthem was sung by all.

My kids met their advisers, their teachers and a bunch of new kids that were friendly, modestly dressed, and excited to start school.  Let me tell you, as a parent the modestly dressed part was awesome.  No piercings, no tattoos, no shorts up to here and tanks down to there on the girls, and no underwear hanging out of jeans on the boys.  Just great kids excited to learn  and challenge themselves without the distractions of boobs and butt cracks.  (let's just get it out there).

My son was invited to start a percussion group for band.  He's over the moon excited about it and had the opportunity to meet with the Dean of Scholars to discuss his plans.

My daughter was scared to death about getting lost and not meeting any friends.  Both of her fears were quickly eliminated as she met a group of girls in her grade and they all helped each other out.

Day one and I know it's going to be a great year.

Here we go.