October 13, 2012

She said YES to the Dress

We went wedding dress shopping just to see what was available and ended up finding  THE dress. Doesn't it always happen that way?  You go out just to look and end up finding the perfect something.

What she found: A Vera Wang mermaid style in a perfect size 6 (with extra length for her 6'1 height and 3 inch shoes). AND it was less than the wedding dress budget. Score!  Alyssa is so happy!

Here's a little glimpse of the dress.  I love how the buttons go all the way down the back of the dress.   
While I was busy helping Alyssa, Allie got busy playing dress up.   She told me it was every little sister's dream to go bridal dress shopping and since she couldn't try on the dress, she tried on the brides shoes instead which were 3 sizes to big, but who cares, right?